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OTM’s Random Thoughts 1

Becoming saved is not just a casual agreement to a preacher's words, nor a delight in the benefits of fellowship with loving brethren, rather it is an 'invasion' of faith in Christ's finished works to your spirit, drawn by the conviction of the Holy ...


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    We understand that prayer is key to any spiritual work that is why everyone in this group fast and intercede for young people around the world twice every months. Amazing testimonies follow... Join us, click to get more information


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Understanding God’s Purpose (1)

Understanding God's Purpose What is God's purpose for your life? Is a question that has been discussed over and over in different fora. Some have clarity while some are very confused about the matter. I am not going into the teachings on it, I just want to help anyon

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Honestly, our understanding improves with our exposure and experiences. I remember my childhood picture of my dream man and I am like I must be daft at that age. Laughs My dream man is a Tall, Dark and Handsome guy. And that was all! Winks I later realized that a man is not TDH if

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On seeds, tithes, firstfruit offering, offerings and general giving

On seeds, tithes, firstfuits offering, offerings and general giving. There has been many debates here and there on seeds, tithes, first fruit and offerings. Some have said it is an old testament practice while others said we are to practice it as believers as well. Without going

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